Thommis Teatime in english

Thommis Teatime“

is a mixture of literature, entertainment, music and a quiz on the subject of tea. Thommi tells fictional and funny stories of how the tea came to the world. The Queen tells a story about her rebellion as a teen, when she drank a tea with teabags, a sad story about a thermos flask which never had tea in it, fake celebrities telling their teastories and so on.


The actor, comedian, author and tea-somellier Thommi Baake doesn't just tell his fib stories he stages them, does a little tea quiz and sings forgotten tea songs: It is an enjoyable, partly contemplative and romantic tea afternoon or -evening.


"From the first to the last minute of "Thommi's Teatime" in Zerbst Castle, it was noticeable that the entertainer, actor and singer, who is experienced in theatre and television series, has mastered the craft of a mime from the inside out. Gestures, facial expressions, intonation, props and even the small stage set were well thought out and harmoniously rounded off his show.


The audience agrees: an entertaining tea trip, and the visitors will sip their cup of tea more mindfully in the future and, thanks to Thommi Baake, also more knowledgeable."
Stuttgarter Zeitung (German newspaper)


Thommi Baake also demonstrated a distinct feeling for punchlines, improvisational skills and spontaneous wordplay, so that the audience rewarded this amusing and entertaining, but also informative Saturday afternoon with much applause."

Zerbst Gazette (German online paper)


Posters are in A3 available.





The programme lasts approx. 90 minutes.


Thommi Baake at the East Frisian Teamuseum


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